After Dark Pictures is committed to capturing wonderful memories with photography that will last a lifetime. Specializing in head shots and portraiture. We aim to please everyone with stunning photos at an affordable rate because we understand too well the meaning of 'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

After Dark Pictures started as anything goes kind of photography but, artistic vision of our photographer is beyond just the norm. When opportunity came to photograph a high profile fashion show, vision of our photographer changed a bit, adding colors and vibrance into pictures. Excited about fashion, started working with models and designers, where one on one photography turned out to be a true passion.

After Dark Pictures is equipped with knowledge and tools to capture a moment in photography which will leave a long lasting impression. Clients are reassured they're not rushed with time because it takes time in itself to appreciate a work of art. Our clients use the photos of themselves, their children, and their parents as a gift for each other and their loved ones, but most importantly, with our clients we aim to make a memory of their youth, their joy, and their special moment.